Most popular home improvements in the U.S.

If you’re a handyman trying to find his niche on the local market of construction and remodeling services, you may want to know the post popular home improvement projects people keep on carrying out to determine which area is worth specializing in.

Here’re 4 most popular house renovations that will keep an experienced handyman busy throughout the year.

Bathroom remodels

Homeowners are constantly looking for the ways to upgrade their bathroom equipment, improve the design and make their bathrooms more comfortable and enjoyable. According to the survey mentioned on the Huffington Post, bathroom renovations constitute up to 80% of home improvements carried out in the U.S.

There’re plenty of jobs to do around the bathroom as well. You may be a tiling contractor, a plumber, an appliance installation pro, a HVAC specialist, drywall contractor, a water heater installer or even an electrician to get involved into the bathroom remodeling project.

Window and door installation/replacement

Mainly due to the energy conservation reason, as well as to the interior design purposes, people get their windows and doors replaces more frequently than you may expect. However, this sphere of home improvement is quite profitable because it’s the kind of job people are the least likely to do on their own.

Basement refinishing

American homeowners tend to expand their living space by transforming their basements into the living room or bedroom areas quite often, as they consider basement refinish to be a less expensive, as well as less time-consuming and stressful solution to their lack of the space problem than the purchase of a bigger house. As basement remodeling is quite an advanced project that takes a lot of time to complete, even experienced DIYers rarely have the courage and desire to embark on it on their own.

Kitchen remodels

Just as bathrooms, kitchens are the areas that involve a ton of construction activity that requires high qualification. Kitchen renovations are probably the second popular home improvements after the bathroom remodels, so learn how to install cabinets, stone countertops, place the backsplash and install appliances of you’d like to receive a few promising orders.