3 myths about the handyman business exposed

Top 3 myths about the handyman business exposed

A lot of specialists willing to start handyman business often get confused by a few myths and misconceptions about the field and the market. Those hold passionate contractors back, not allowing them to set up their own company or work as the solo independent providers.

While some of the info about the challenges of the handyman operation is actually true (but is there any business that is not challenging?), there’re a few major myths people willing to start their own path on the handyman/general construction business definitely should not believe.

Myth #1 Handyman is someone who has to be able to do everything

That’s absolutely not true. In fact, those who find their own niche and direct most of their time and effort to provide certain services turn out to be more successful than the handymen who do ‘a little bit of everything’. You may specialize in a narrow sphere of the handyman business, provide exclusive highly-demanded services rare people may offer in your local area and be a successful construction businessman.

Myth #2 I will have to deal with minor repairs and ‘my … broke’ calls the rest of my life

Handyman business covers a wide range of services from advanced general construction that involves thorough project planning, specific knowledge and precise execution to the simplest repairs pretty much any handy person is able to carry out. The kind of projects you’ll have to deal with will exclusively depend on the level of your skills and the niche you choose.

Myth #3 Handyman business is for men only

Your gender means absolutely anything as long as you’re a highly qualified contractor who strives to provide the best quality services to his/her clients, improve his/her expertise, grow the business and learn to run it efficiently. You should not be afraid of the trust issues and stereotypes if you’re truly passionate about your job and about turning it into your own business.